Earth Project

Through student-lead conservation efforts like the Green Team, children are demonstrating leadership by serving as our waste management champions. The Green Team has diverted compostables and recyclables from our garbage saving the school money which can then be reinvested into the program. Other “drives” for products like markers, pens, juice pouches, and batteries show how products can be safely disposed of or remade into new materials offsite.

The Garden Classes take learning outdoors where the active bodies, fresh air, moist earth, and cistern-collected water mingle to plant, tend, and harvest plants using organic practices.

Annual events like the autumn Harvest Potluck, Spring Garden Build, and Earth Week bring families together to celebrate the work we are doing to make Pathfinder a more beautiful, connected, and efficient place to be.

The Earth Project is funded by your Pathfinder K-8 PTSA, and supplemented through individual grants and fundraisers like Chinook Book Sales.

 Tips for a waste-free holiday