Pathfinder PTSA Standing Rules

Approved June 1, 2021.

Mission:  Building community through events, funding of special projects and support of teachers, staff, parents and students.


  • The name of the PTA unit shall be “Pathfinder PTSA”; the local unit number is 6.15.115.
  • The Pathfinder PTSA serves the children at Pathfinder K-8 in Seattle, Washington. The mission of Pathfinder PTSA is: “Building community through events, funding of special projects and support of teachers, staff, parents and students at Pathfinder K-8.”
  • This unit incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington on July 19, 1993. It is the responsibility of this unit to file an Annual Corporation Report prior to July 31 annually. The unit’s Uniform Business Identification number is 601 483 868.

Legal Compliance

  • The unit’s Federal Employer Identification Number is 91-1598827 and is located in the legal documents notebooks in the custody of the President and Secretary. 
  • The unit was recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization on June 17, 1994, under Section 501(c)(3). 
  • The unit’s fiscal year runs July 1 – June 30. The treasurer, with assistance from the immediate past treasurer, is responsible for filing IRS Form 990, Form 990 EZ or Form 990-N prior to November 15.
  • The president shall serve as the registered agent for the Pathfinder PTSA and is responsible for providing that information, including a current mailing address, to the Washington Secretary of State’s office, the Washington Department of Revenue, and the United States Internal Revenue Service.
  • Pathfinder PTSA will conform to the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation Agreement in order to maintain “good standing”.


  • Membership of this unit shall be open to all people without discrimination. Membership is open to all parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, guardians, students, community members, and any other persons that support and encourage the purposes of Pathfinder PTSA.
  • The membership dues of this unit shall be $15 for individual membership and $25 for two individual adults from the same household. The students of Pathfinder School shall be considered honorary non-voting members of this unit.
  • General Membership meetings of this unit shall be held a minimum of 3 times per school year. Adoption of the standing rules, budget, report of the financial review committee, and election of officers shall take place at general membership meetings. General meetings will be publicly posted at least ten day in advance of meetings requiring a vote. At least 10 members in good standing must be present in order to conduct business.

Elected Officers and Appointed Board Members

  • The elected officers of Pathfinder PTSA shall constitute the Executive Committee: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Executive Committee meetings of this unit shall be held on an as needed basis. The President and Secretary cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.
  • Elected positions may be shared between multiple individuals, in which case the titles will be preceded with a “co,” (e.g., Co-president). Each co-position holder is entitled to a voice and vote at Board of Director meetings. In the event of Co-Treasurers, only one can be a signer on a bank account. 
  • Pathfinder PTSA will comply with training requirements necessary to remain in good standing with Washington State PTA, as specified in the most current WSPTA Standards of Affiliation Agreement.
  • Beginning Fall 2021, all Members of the Executive Committee shall be required to attend, whether physically or virtually, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training approved under the usual budgeting process.  Deadline for training to be set by the Board of Directors as needed.
  • The Board of Directors for Pathfinder PTSA shall consist of the elected officers and the chairs/designees of the following 9 committees:
    • Racial Equity Committee
    • Advocacy
    • Communications
    • Events
    • Earth Project
    • Family Education
    • Fundraising
    • Hospitality
    • Technology
  • It also will consist of up to 8 liaisons and at large positions, including, but not limited to:
    • Staff Liaisons (up to 3)
    • Volunteer Liaisons (up to 6): includes After School Program; Lead Class Coordinator; PLUS Coordinator; Race & Equity Team; Special Education, and 1 Student Liason. 
  • There shall be one Board of Directors meeting per month during the school year, set by the Executive Committee and generally held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Pathfinder Library or, if unavailable, via convenient online platform. 
  • Board meeting quorum will consist of 50% plus one of board members in good standing. A member shall be considered a member in good standing as long as the member regularly attends board meetings. Missing three consecutive meetings will result in the loss of good standing and that member will no longer count in the quorum. 
  • All board meetings are open to the general membership unless previously advertised. Voice and vote at Pathfinder PTSA Board Meetings shall be limited to elected board members, standing chairs and liaisons, and the school principal unless that individual is recognized and granted a voice by the meeting chair.


  • The Pathfinder PTSA shall approve its annual operating budget at a General Meeting prior to July 1 of each year. The Executive Committee has the authority to approve non-budgeted expenditures up to or equal to $1,000. Non-budgeted expenditures between $1,001 – $10,000 shall be approved by the Board of Directors by a majority vote. Non-budgeted expenditures greater than $10,000 must be approved by the General Membership by a majority vote.  The Board of Directors may reallocate funds budgeted for one purpose to another purpose by a majority vote, such reallocations to be explicitly described at the next General Meeting.
  • This unit shall keep at least two copies of each of its legal documents in two separate locations. The President and the Secretary shall maintain these documents.
  • A financial review committee, with a minimum of three members appointed by the president, will review the financial books each year. Members of this committee shall not include the treasurer or any person authorized to sign on the PTSA bank accounts for the period that is being reviewed, or any individuals living in their households.
  • Pathfinder PTSA shall establish one or more accounts in financial institutions as determined by the Board of Directors. Any such account shall require the signatures of at least two elected officers to make a withdrawal.
  • The Board of Directors shall determine which officers shall have signing authority on the PTSA bank account.
  • The PTSA’s monthly bank account statements shall be provided unopened to a person appointed by the Board of Directors. This person shall be appointed by the Board and not be a signer on the account. The reviewer shall promptly report to the executive committee any concerns or discrepancies identified in the review. If no concerns or apparent discrepancies are seen, the reviewer shall initial and date the account statements and provide them to the treasurer.


  • Voting delegates from Pathfinder PTSA to the Washington State Council shall be the President, Vice President and Secretary. Alternates shall be the Treasurer and chair of the Legislative Committee.
  • The Pathfinder PTSA will send as many voting delegates to the WSPTA convention and the WSPTA Legislative Assembly as the budget amount for convention can support. Delegates shall be selected by the Board of Directors. Individuals attending these events shall provide a report.
  • Voting at meetings of the Board of Directors and General Meetings will be performed in the manner allowed by the meeting venue and deemed appropriate by the meeting’s chair.  (e.g. chatroom record of votes if virtual, show of hands/voice if in person).

Policy Review

  • The Pathfinder PTSA shall maintain policies for money handling and after-school classes. These policies shall be reviewed and approved yearly by the Board of Directors. These policies shall reside with the Secretary.