Blazing Trails Childcare at Pathfinder

Blazing Trails Childcare at Pathfinder K8 School is a non-profit childcare program for school age children ages five through twelve. We are open from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, excluding school hours. We also provide an enrichment program during the summer.

Our Mission

Provide staff and families a safe, diverse childcare environment dedicated to respectful communication, problem solving, creative learning and the freedom to play!

About our Program

Blazing Trails is dedicated to supporting families in our community as we help each child develop good communication skills and celebrate his or her own uniqueness. We maintain an environment that encourages intellectual, physical and social growth with respect for others and the natural environment. People relate to each other peacefully and we joyfully appreciate our rich diversity.

Staff training is a crucial component to accomplishing our goals. We support our staff, both professionally and personally, through respect for each other’s personal differences and unique teaching styles. We provide opportunities for shared leadership, professional growth and development and an environment that encourages mutual support and care.

Inclusion Policy

Our Statement of Anti-discrimination, Anti-bias and Cultural Sensitivity

We foster an understanding of diversity among people, expecting and modeling unconditional respect for self and others. We enjoy celebrating and exploring our community’s rich cultural diversity.

All children and their families are accepted according to our policies without regard to race, color, religion or belief structure, creed, ancestry, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical challenges.

General Information

We’d like to know our community better. Please, take our quick, eight question survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated! Getting To Know You Survey

  • We are open during the school year before and after school
  • We are open all school days (except Blazing Trails professional development days), all early dismissal days and only certain vacation days. (See the Blazing Trails Yearly Schedule for more information.)
  • We offer a drop-in option as space is available.
  • Blazing Trails accepts DSHS, City and U.W. subsidies and has limited scholarships or work-trade at the Director’s discretion.
  • Our goal is to inspire positive self-esteem, respect for self and others and a sense of responsibility for one’s own behavior.
  • Parents/Guardians are always welcome to drop by to share their experiences or to just hang out and play with us!
  • Blazing Trails is a non-profit organization with its own governing council.
  • Blazing Trails maintains an 11 to 1 student/adult ratio. This ratio may vary due to the needs of individual activities (ie. outdoor games may have up to a 15:1 ratio whereas an art project could require a 6:1 ratio).
  • We have use of Pathfinder’s playground, grass fields, cafeteria and gym facilities.
  • We provide healthy snacks.
  • Our curriculum is child-centered, culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate. Activities include, but are not limited to:
    • Movement
    • Sports and outdoor play
    • Science discoveries
    • Cooking
    • Story reading and telling
    • Building/construction
    • Imaginative play
    • Beading, sewing and other arts & crafts
    • Table games
    • Field trips during vacations
    • Theme and club activities
    • Individual study
  • “Homework Club” is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to help 1st through 6th graders with their homework. There’s a sign up sheet if you wish to enroll. Please, feel free to speak with the Head teacher concerning your child’s needs or to ask for more information
  • We follow Pathfinder K-8’s bell schedule. Check SPS website: for any schedule changes.