Board Members

2021-2022 Pathfinder PTSA Board Members

July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 Term

Executive Board

President:  Candice Smith (president at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)

Vice Presidents:

  • Tushar Patel (Events & Education) (vp_events_educ at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)
  • Luna Cottrell-Scott (Advocacy) (vp_advocacy at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)
  • Karen Stone (Communications) (vp_communications at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)

Secretary:  Paige Igoe (secretary at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org) (vicepresident at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)

Treasurer:  Lily Evans (treasurer at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)

Committee Chairs

Technology Chair: Chris Taylor-Hartle (webops at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)

Communications Chair:  Karen has a team

Fundraising Chair:  We need Fundraising volunteers on a per fundraiser basis!

Membership Chair: We desperately need a Membership Chair!

Community Events Chair:

Family Education Chair: 

Hospitality Chair:

Advocacy Chair:  John Wright (advocacy at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)

Earth Project Chair:  Sarah Schieron (earthproject at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)

Race & Equity Chair: equity (equity at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org). Current Committee Members: Veena Prasad, Jamelia Alnajjar, and Becky Greenberg

Liaisons and Members at Large

After School Program Liaison:

Special Education Liaison: Maria Riojas

Class Coordinator Liaison:  Jennifer Girou (classcoordinator at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org)

Bully Prevention Liaison (PLUS):  Holli Margell

Staff Liaisons:  Brendan Lang (elementary liaison); Ami Pendley (specialist liason)

Administration: Dr.Holmes, Pathfinder Principal and Dr. Cordell, Pathfinder Assistant Principal

Pathfinder PTSA Needs You!

We currently have the following opportunities:

  • Membership Chair — Help us grow our membership and ensure dues are submitted.
  • Group Events Lead(s) — Help us plan our kid and adult parties for the upcoming year.
  • Graphic Design — We need folks who will help us design posters and make our handouts look great.
  • Wreath Team — Help lead our Wreath fundraiser by being part of our team.
  • Fundraising Team — Help us reimagine our Fundraising this year!
  • Earth Project — Help tend the Pathfinder Garden and be a part of green initiatives at the school.
  • Fun Event Volunteers — We have many events to put on this year. Help us plan and put on one.

Please let us know if you are interested in the above opportunities or if you have any questions about them. Contact PTSA President, Candice Smith, at president at pathfinderk8ptsa dot org.