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Earth Project

Earth Project at Pathfinder K-8

Georgina shoveling

Shoveling Dirt!

The mission of the Earth Project is to build connections to our Earth and to one another. Pathfinder students are getting out of their classrooms where learning about life cycles and ecologies happens in our halls, our cafeteria, our garden, and our world.

Through student-lead conservation efforts like the Green Team, children are demonstrating leadership by serving as our waste management champions. The Green Team has diverted compostables and recyclables from our garbage saving the school money which can then be reinvested into the program. Other “drives” for products like markers, pens, juice pouches, and batteries show how products can be safely disposed of or remade into new materials offsite.

seeds in the garden

Seeds sprouting in the garden

The Garden Classes take learning outdoors where the active bodies, fresh air, moist earth, and cistern-collected water mingle to plant, tend, and harvest plants using organic practices. Tara Migliore Potter brings her passion for permaculture into these community-building sessions where touching and tasting is encouraged.

Annual events like the autumn Harvest Potluck, Spring Garden Build, and Earth Week bring families together to celebrate the work we are doing to make Pathfinder a more beautiful, connected, and efficient place to be.

The Earth Project is funded by your Pathfinder K-8 PTSA, and supplemented through individual grants and fundraisers like Chinook Book Sales.


Pathfinder Cookbook

In 2015, the Earth Project released their first cookbook “Our Garden” – the tastiest collection of Pathfinder recipes that also shares the history of our garden program – available at PTSA events or by request.

Contact Tasha Mosher, Earth Project Chair

Contact Tara Migliore Potter, Earth Project Teacher

 Tips for a waste-free holiday

Conservation Champion: Pathfinder!

Pathfinder has been named a Conservation Champion by Seattle Public Schools. Way to go Tasha Mosher and the Earth Project! We’re so proud of your work. Thank you for making our school stand out!

Pathfinder ‘cleans up’ thanks to Don and Scott

Thanks to Karen Hogan-Li and Tasha Mosher who represents the Earth Project on the PTSA Board, for sharing these photos and this story about the role of our custodians, Don and Scott. Victoria leads her class down the Sky Hall towards her portable, and along the way a child bumps into the garden bench spilling …

Pathfinder cafeteria is transitioning to real silverware

BIG NEWS! Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Karen Hogan, Karen Kerr, Antoinette Palmer, our cafeteria and custodial staff, and David Dockendorf (who advocated for the Earth Project at the district level) the Pathfinder cafeteria will be making the shift from plastic sporkware to silverware. Years ago when former garden teacher Amy did a garbage …

Silverware Champion – Cheryl Cono

Before the shininess wares off pathfinder’s huge accomplishment of changing plastic sporks to real silverware ,we need to thank the most important person in this endeavor, Cheryl Cono. Without her help and complete support we would not have pulled off this coup. Cheryl’s passionate commitment to our school and our children is exemplary.

What we’re learning in the garden – Bird language

Bird Language Post – March 2016