Transportation Ideas

Update 10.24.21: We are happy to announce that on Wednesday October 27th buses 561 and 564 will be restored!

Your PTSA Volunteer Executive Board has been investigating solutions to support our families with the cut of our buses Monday, October 18th (read more here: Watch this space for more information as the discussion evolves.

In the short term, we’re asking for parent volunteers to help us brainstorm and implement systems to replace our buses. Please email with ideas or to help coordinate.


  • Walking trains – perhaps from Delridge/Bottom of the stairs, Puget ridge and Pigeon Point.
  • Carpooling
    • There is a bus route spreadsheet created by Vincent (father of a Kestrel) to organize sign ups for routes. Please reference the private Facebook group (Pathfinder School – Community Communication Tool) or the October 24th edition of Dr. Holmes’ Compass to access this list.
    • Carpooling apps like “carpool rides” or “floc” can help coordinate rides
  • Older children taking the city bus (although the kids seem to be waiting a long time for it to arrive).
  • Parking further into the neighborhood (19th, 20th and side streets) and either having your child walk to the agreed upon location or meeting them on the grassy knoll.
  • Crossing guards would be really wonderful at the intersections of 21st and 19th and Genesee.
    • To get an official paid professional we can apply through the city
    • Volunteer crossing guards can be organized through Sign Up Genius like our lunch time effort. Please get in touch with the PTSA if you can lead this.

Other resources:

Seattle Public Schools’ Transportation page: