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It’s EASY to raise money for Pathfinder just by shopping at Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a mirrored version of Amazon – it’s the same as the regular website PLUS when you shop at Amazon Smile, Pathfinder PTSA earns 0.5 percent for every purchase you make!Simply go to and choose “Pathfinder PTSA” as your preferred charity. Then bookmark the link so you go back to it every time you shop at (If you were someone who had bookmarked an Amazon affiliate link, that link is no longer valid. Please choose Smile instead.)

Shop and Earn for Pathfinder

Raise money for Pathfinder with your everyday shopping It’s as easy as bookmarking a few links, saving some receipts and acquiring a few scrip or gift cards. You don’t have to spend an extra dime! Shop at PCC, Thriftway, Bartells or buy a gift card. There are a lot of easy ways to raise money for …


Everything You Need to Know About Wreaths! Every year, Pathfinder parents join together to create beautiful wreaths for the holiday season. All of the funds raised from wreaths are used for Outdoor Education and Camping. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to help support the school.  Join your friends and family to …