Everything You Need to Know About Wreaths!

Every year, Pathfinder parents join together to create beautiful wreaths for the holiday season. All of the funds raised from wreaths are used for Outdoor Education and Camping. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to help support the school.  Join your friends and family to make and sell handmade wreaths to support Pathfinder School’s Outdoor Education and Camping Programs.





How Do I Make a Wreath?

Anyone can make a wreath! Come during your classroom’s Wreath Night to learn from your peers.  There will be instructions in the workshop for do-it-yourselfers or for those who need a refresher. Come by the wreath cage on Saturdays (& some mornings after drop off) when there will be other wreath-makers in the workshop who are happy to help you learn.

You can sell the wreaths you make to friends & family – or leave them in the wreath cage for pre-orders and for sale at the West Seattle Farmer’s Market on Sundays.

Check here for the schedule of class wreath nights for this year.

NEW: Learn how to make a wreath with this great video! (Thanks Scott!)

When Can I Make A Wreath?

The shop is always open, but the overhead lights will only be available when there is a custodian on the premises. We encourage people to make wreaths on their own time during the day, evenings or weekends – come with a friend, or just enjoy some quiet time! The only reserved times are for class wreath nights. If the workshop cage is locked, ask at the front office or text the number on the cage door for the combination. For the safety of our students, the wreath workshop needs to remain locked, please be sure to lock up when you leave.

Where Do I Go to Make a Wreath?

The wreath workshop is set up in the covered play-court outside of the gym.


How Do I Sell a Wreath?

There are three ways to sell a wreath:

    • Make and Sell a Wreath: Make and sell your own creation. Collect cash or check and submit tags with your money to the front office. Make sure your name and child’s class is listed as both the maker/seller on the tag.
    • Sell a Wreath:Have someone else make the wreath and you sell it to a friend or family member. You can pre-order online using this link.   Pre-orders can be picked up in the wreath cage on Tuesday and Friday.  We will notify you when your order is ready in the wreath workshop or come in and select one. Orders will be filled in the order in which they are placed. Pre-orders must include a bow choice
    • Sell a Wreath at a Farmers Market:Pathfinder will be selling wreaths at West Seattle Farmers Markets on four consecutive Sundays from 10am-2pm. Working a shift (or helping with set-up or take-down) is a great way to earn credit for your class!  Contact earthproject@pathfinderk8ptsa.org to sign up for a shift.

What Do Wreaths Cost?

Medium wreaths cost $25. Large wreaths cost $35. Prices may be higher at Farmers Markets or for wreaths with special bows or decorations.


There are lots of ways to help! Your child’s classroom can get credit for the time you spend:

    • Foraging for wreath ornamentals
    • Picking up greens
    • Clipping greens
    • Cleaning or organizing the workshop
    • Making bows
    • Selling and/or setting up and breaking down for Farmers Market

There is a logbook in the wreath workshop where you can record your time. Note: time spent making or selling wreaths does not count toward class credit (because you are already getting credit for those tasks).

SIgn up here for Farmers Market, Greens gathering team and wreath making for pre-orders

Clipping Greens & Ornamentals

We can always use evergreens and ornamentals! Begin dropping off clippings as early as Nov. 10 at the Wreath workshop. We need lots and lots of evergreens: firs, pines, spruce, arborvitae and more. These provide the base of every wreath. Then we spice up the wreaths with berries, seedpods, cones and other interesting ornamentals. Leave any evergreens you collect outside the wreath shop, ornamentals should be brought into the workshop.

What Kinds of Ornamentals Are Needed?

Ideas and photos of ornamentals to clip can be found here.

Help with the Rapid Response Green Team

We are also looking for volunteers who will be a part of our Rapid Response Green Team. You can sign up for a job (swinging by tree lots, gathering fallen branches, trimming ornamentals) and a week, and be on-call to bring in materials to the wreath workshop for class nights. Your child’s classroom can get credit for the time you spend foraging and gathering wreath goodies. Contact earthproject@pathfinderk8ptsa.org to volunteer for the Rapid Response Green Team.


How Do Wreaths I Sell Count For My Child’s Classroom?

Your efforts directly benefit your children’s classrooms: 40% of the price of a wreath goes to the maker; 40% of the sales price goes to the seller; 10% is reserved for people who collect greens, make bows and clean the workshop; and 10% goes towards expenses. Generally wreath funds go to individual classrooms in K/1, and are pooled and divided among the grade bands of 2/3, 4/5 and each middle school year.

Each wreath will have a tag that needs to be filled out completely, including the name (and classroom) of who makes the wreath and the name (and classroom) of who sells the wreath. When you deliver your wreath, make sure you keep the information portion of your tag to turn in with the money you collect. The short thank you stub goes to your customer as a receipt.

Please seal tags and checks in an envelope together before you turn them in. Wreath tags and money need to be turned into the office by the first week in January to ensure your child’s classroom gets credit.

Logging Your Time

You may tally your time in the logbook in the wreath workshop.  Hours can be tallied for time you spend: picking up greens, clipping greens, cleaning or organizing the workshop, making bows, selling and/or setting up and breaking down for Farmers Market. Time spent Wreath-making and selling should NOT be logged.

Questions? Like to Volunteer?

Send an email to: earthproject@pathfinderk8ptsa.org

Learn How to Make a Wreath (VIDEO)

Learn how to make a professional-looking wreath from the comfort of your own home!  By popular request, we now have a video tutorial for how to make a homemade wreath!  In the video, you’ll learn how to make bunches and bouquets, how to effectively crimp your wreath, and what items make your wreath look beautiful. …

What to Clip for Wreaths

Select a Bow for Your Wreath

Wreath Schedule 2018

Help raise money for Pathfinder outdoor education and camping by making & selling holiday wreaths! There are many ways to help: make a wreath, sell a wreath, help at the Farmers Market, gather greens & more! November 10 – December 16 PRE-ORDERS (online and paper form):  Order-taking begins Dec. 12 and pre-orders can be picked …