Double your impact

pathfinderPTSA tinyDid you know that many employers will match your donations to the Pathfinder PTSA? Last year, our Direct Give was able to add $4,000 to the final total through corporate matching gifts!

If you’ve made a donation to the Direct Give this year, you may be able to double, or even triple, your donation’s value. Check with your company’s HR department to see if it will match donations to school-based non-profit organizations.


>> Follow this link to Donate Now!

>> Follow this link to print the Direct Give Form! 

Pathfinder PTSA is a registered 501(C)3 organization, and should qualify for most programs. In the past, we’ve received matching gifts from Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, the Gates Foundation, F5 and many others.

Once you’ve determined that your company will match a donation to Pathfinder PTSA, there are two ways to begin the matching gift process:

  1. Obtain a matching gift verification form from your employer, fill it out as completely as possible, and submit it to: Pathfinder PTSA, Attention: Treasurer. The treasurer will then confirm the receipt of your donation and return the form to your employer.
  2. Submit a matching gift verification request through your company’s online portal.

It’s as easy as that!

Other information you will need:

Pathfinder PTSA
Attention:  Treasurer
1901 SW Genesee St
Seattle, WA 98106

Tax ID number: 91-1598827. This is also sometimes referred to as the Employer Identification Number or EIN.

Thank you!!

Are you interested in hosting a party?

Parties – Group Events – A Rose By Any Other Name . . .

oysterEvery year at Pathfinder, teachers, staff, parents and friends of Pathfinder host fun ‘group events,’ a.k.a., parties, or fun get-togethers. Some are educational, most are just wacky fun. Whatever the theme or tone, they all deliver interest and laughter, and they all help build a strong community, while also raising funds for our kids at school.

Keep Calm and Capture the FlagFor the kids

Some of these events or parties are for the kiddos and most happen at school — those are hosted by teachers and staff — Pizza and Game Night with the Earth Hall teachers, the Famous Sleepover with David and Lisa, Capture the Flag with the Water Hall teachers, or Pajama Time in the Library, to name a few.

pint of amber beerFor the grown-ups

Others are for grown-ups, and are hosted at restaurants, in people’s houses, at stores, in limousines, on golf courses, in fact, the sky’s the limit — The Book Lover’s Dream Date, Beer Brewing and Brats, Thrifting Limo Ride, Freshy’s NW Oysters and Beer, is a sample of the fun last year.

Something new

We’d love to mix it up this year, and welcome you as a new host of a fun event for grown-ups. Think of all the upsides:

  • You’ll get to know new people,
  • You’ll have fun, and
  • You’ll raise funds for the school, for our kids.

It’s a winning combination.

More Information

If you have an idea for a fun party you’d like to host, or you want more information, contact Gillian Maguire, Group Events Coordinator, 206-696-1404.

Thank you, and let’s get our party on!

Help us raise $25,000 by October 30!

Direct Give Update – Direct Give Update

There are 4 days to go in our Direct Give campaign and we have raised $15,000. Thank you to everyone who has donated.

We have a ways to go to reach our goal of $25,000, and together we can do it, especially with employer matching donations.

Have you sent in your contribution? There’s no time like the present! We could reach our goal with a $50 donation per child. If you can donate more for those who can’t, please do.

Last year your PTSA spent $49,400 on Classroom & Academic Support.

What exactly does Classroom & Academic Support consist of?

1-classroom and academic support

In order to maintain the quality of enrichment programs, academics, and teacher support that our PTSA provides, we need your help.

There are several ways to donate

>>Print the form at this link, and then, write a check payable to “Pathfinder K-­‐8 PTSA” and place it in the envelope provided in kidmail. Place a stamp on the envelope and drop it in the mail today OR give it to your child’s teacher.

>>Visit the PTSA Paypal and credit card payment page at this link or simply click on the red Donate Now button to the top right of the screen, to make your donation.

Contact Lashanna at 206.715.5265 with questions.

All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for making Pathfinder a great place to learn!

Pathfinder: A space for me to be me

Dante’s video gets to the heart of what makes Pathfinder special.

[Oops, we are experiencing technical difficulties with embedding this video . . .]

To watch on YouTube:

>>Take a moment now to follow this link and help us reach our goal of $25,000 by October 30 in 2015’s Direct Give Campaign.


Thank you!


And a big thank you to Dante for making this video and sharing it.


This video is shared with permission from Lashanna Williams.

Lifelong relationships are developing in the Bat Clan

Kelly Riggle-Hower smiling wearing her new glassesThe difference PTSA funds make in my classroom was underlined for me twice in one day as I glanced around the Bat Clan on Wednesday — at critical times in the development of my students developing relationships with one another. They were using some of my most valuable PTSA funds purchases — many of our magical stuffed animal hand puppets and stuffies and our “enough for everybody” collection of Mo Willems’ Piggie and Elephant books.

We were meeting with our Big Buddies this week, Marco’s Falcon Clan, and both the 6th graders and the kindergartners were terribly excited and a little nervous at the same time. As Marco and I named the 6th grade/kindergarten Big Buddy matches, I invited the students to pick a book or two from around the room that they love so they could read together. About 2/3 of the student pairs were reading a Piggie and Elephant book of one title or another! They were snuggled up together reading like old friends in short order — a few of them holding Piggie, Gerald (Elephant), Pigeon, Duckling and Knufflebunny stuffed animals from Willems’ stories. Many of the older students had selected the Piggie and Elephant books as a way they felt comfortable getting to know their little buddies, remembering them as the books that they loved to read as kindergartners and 1st graders — as even my most reluctant beginning readers have unfailingly been drawn into the magic (and the words!) that are Piggie and Elephant.

Later in the day I noticed one of my 5 year olds who has been hesitant to enter the classroom community sitting in our classroom “Australia” with a little boy who is eager to join but doesn’t always have the words. She was holding the Second Step program Snail in one arm and the Mo Willems’ character “Pigeon” in the other, while her new friend held Second Step’s Puppy in one arm and Mo Willems’ “Duckling” in the other. They were having Pigeon and Duckling reminisce about the time they shared a hot dog.

Thank you, families who donate to Pathfinder, during Direct Give and all year long. You are helping us purchase the books and characters who are giving my children lifelong relationships with great fictional characters, with one another — and with important parts of their own selves.


– Kelly Riggle-Hower, Bat Clan, K-1 Teacher

The PTSA provides funds to every classroom and specialty program at Pathfinder. To support the programs that make Pathfinder a great place to learn, follow this link >> Direct Give

Pond Keeping 101 with Lisa DeBurle of the Frog Clan

an image of a frog with the words ' we all belong'I use PTSA funds in many ways to support my students.

At the beginning of the year I purchase portfolios, markers, bins, crates and other supplies that we need to get things started.

Throughout the year I buy books that align with our reading, writing, science and social studies units, as well as add books to our classroom library.

My PTSA classroom fund is also essential for supplying my kids with tools they need for learning, from wiggle seats to t-stools to pencil grips.

— Lisa DeBurle,  2/3 Frog Clan

The PTSA provides funds to every classroom and specialty program at Pathfinder. To support the programs that make Pathfinder a great place to learn, follow this link >> Direct Give

Bucks for books

poster "for greater knowledge, PTSA monies fund the entire library budget!

We use them to purchase books and book processing supplies, comfy seating and a few items to decorate the space.

A handful of Pathfinder parents even helped me paint the library several years ago using direct give funds.

Thank you Pathfinder PTSA!

– Kathy Egawa, Library and Technology Maven


The PTSA provides funds to every classroom and specialty program at Pathfinder. To support the programs that make Pathfinder a great place to learn, follow this link >> Direct Give



Update – Direct Give – Update

Our Direct Give has just passed $10,000!!!

Thank you thank you for your generosity.

We are almost there.

Red Donate Now button

The Spider Clan weaves a web of creativity thanks to PTSA classroom funds

Missa Marmalstein smilingMissa shares how she makes use of PTSA classroom funds –

One of my favorite uses of PTSA funds is being able to buy fresh art supplies every couple of years for our Expedition art projects. During our Storytelling Expedition, the students paint Kamishibai cards to tell their Origin stories; pulling out fresh watercolors is always a thrill, and inspires the kids to do more quality work.

We also do a beautiful art project during our Maps Expedition, and we use special drawing chalk to mimic the book it is based upon.

But the main thing I use PTSA funds for is to keep my library exciting and current. I love that if I hear about an new book, I am lucky to have the resources to introduce it to my students.

— Missa Marmalstein, Spider Clan, Grade 2/3 Teacher

The PTSA provides funds to every classroom and specialty program at Pathfinder. To support the programs that make Pathfinder a great place to learn, follow this link >> Direct Give

Thank you!

Kindergartner whisperer Janet shares how PTSA classroom funds keep her fish swimming in the Salmon Clan

Janet Osborn smilingI have been teaching for many, many years and I have so appreciated your support of my work and our classrooms through your generous classroom fund program.

Over the years I have used PTSA funds in many ways. Most recently I have used the money to pay for mentor texts suggested through the Reading and Writing Workshop Curriculums from Columbia Teacher’s College. Many of the lessons in our reading and writing programs are written with a specific children’s book in mind. It is so helpful to actually have that exact book and not have to find a substitute.

I also buy books for the kids that I hear about in professional development or read about in teacher blogs. There are so many great kid books out there!

In addition, I like to purchase art/project supplies for specific expedition related projects. Hands on expedition projects sometimes require specific supplies and it is nice to have a fund available for that.

Thank you, PTSA, for this fund. It allows us the freedom to buy what we need to make our lessons come alive!

– Janet Osborn, Salmon Clan Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

The PTSA provides funds to every classroom and specialty program at Pathfinder. To support the programs that make Pathfinder a great place to learn, follow this link >> Direct Give

Thank you!