Online Auction to Fund School and Community Needs

At 9am on Friday, May 1st, Pathfinder PTSA’s inaugural Online Auction launches. Bidding will be open through Friday, May 8th at 8pm. We wish we were able to meet in person, but we are excited to try out this new format and pleased that it will allow our entire Pathfinder community to participate – no tickets required. You can even share the link so friends and family can join in! We are hoping to raise at least $20,000 in the online auction.

>> Check out the Online Auction right now!

Why Are We Having an Auction?

The annual auction accounts for about 75 percent of the Pathfinder PTSA’s income and allows us to craft a budget for the next school year. Even though we are not in school right now, and we don’t know what next year has in store, the school and community relies on money from the PTSA to fund some very basic line items.

We won’t know exactly what we will be funding for 2020-2021 without knowing how much we raise from the auction. But in past years, funds raised at the PTSA auction have:

  • Contributed to the salary of literary and math specialists
  • Funded a large percentage of the school’s tutoring program
  • Supported the entire garden program, including the instructor
  • Provided classroom funds for teachers, support staff and specialists that allow them to purchase supplies, books and teaching aids
  • Purchased $4000 in library books annually
  • Allowed us to host community events, provide funds for storytelling, assemblies and graduation and respond to needs as they arise

Next Year’s School Budget is Worst in Years

Next year’s school’s budget required the staff to make difficult choices. David has called it the leanest school budget he has ever seen, leaving next to no money for school supplies, playground supervisors and intervention. And that was before the pandemic threw so much into question. In fact, we don’t know what new needs will arise as our school adjusts to continued social distancing even after we return.

Meeting the Needs of our School & Community

As a PTSA, we will still be called upon to support many of the line items that we have always funded. We feel strongly that the garden program needs to continue. We have already been working with Librarian Ami Pendley to use PTSA funds to put books in kids’ hands during the school closure. We want to support the set-up of teachers’ classrooms whether they are remote or in school. We will be called upon by school to help fill in the gaps in their budget.

We also want to have the funds available to be nimble in response to the uncertain landscape ahead. This spring, the PTSA reallocated $1150 in funds to launch the Pathfinder Food Assistance Fund. With the community’s help, we have been able to raise an additional $8,000 to provide grocery gift cards for Pathfinder families in need.

The PTSA needs to raise $20,000 in the online auction in order to create a baseline budget for next year.

We Need YOU!

If you are financially able, please take part in the Online Auction. The money we raise will be funneled right back to the school next year, funding programs and events that have always made Pathfinder great and helping meet new challenges whatever they may be. THANK YOU!