Fresh from the Garden

Holy Moley! We’ve only been in school 3 weeks and so much has happened in the garden already! We started our year going over the usual safety expectations about tools (keep shovel blades below the belly button), harvesting (only pick what your invited to pick), and bugs (don’t squish them). Then we jumped straight into knife safety and skills, I was surprise to see some of our children already have mad knife skills.

Because our kids worked so hard in the garden last year, we had lot to harvest and enjoy! The Blue Herons, Elk, Seals, Deer, Crow, Frogs and Salmon all made fresh Tomatillo Salsa; recipe below. I’d say that over half the kids had never tried tomatillos and most of them loved them.



Tomatillo Salsa w/ Chips
10 tomatillos- cut into quarter inch chunks
Handful of Cilantro
Half a Lime
Salt to taste
You can add onions if you like the kids, chose not to have onions


We then made Sorrel and Red Russian Kale Smoothies, with the Eagles, Kestrel

s, and Coyotes, the kids did all the harvesting and chopping. Thank goodness for Denise Nelson’s supplemental Sorrel, the kids cleaned

us out of Sorrel before the all the smoothies had been made. There were a lot of kids surprised at how good Kale and Sorrel Smoothies were. I promised them I would include the recipe below.

Sorrel and Red Russian Kale Smoothies
5 strawberries
1 banana
1 cup of 50% diluted apple juice, any juice will do
Fill the rest of the blender up with Sorrel and Kale

The Octopus, Hummingbirds, Turtles, Bees, Owls, Otters and Lynx all harvested blueberry tomatoes that turn yellow when they are ripe, and last, but not least, ground cherries. We will be growing a lot more ground cherries next year, they are by far our kids favorite treat in the garden. Our ground cherry seed jar was overturned in the spring, but I managed to find a couple of seed packets, after some pretty serious seed shopping. I plan to treat them like gold next spring.

That’s all for now,
Karen Hogan-Li
Pathfinder Garden teacher

Volunteer Needs:
If you would like to volunteer to help during your child’s garden class time, please email me at

Important Dates:
Fall Clean Up – TBD -We will be getting ready for the Harvest Festival that’s outside in the garden this year!
Harvest Festival – Oct 15