Jan 03

Please turn in wreath tags and money by Jan. 9

Pathfinder wreaths decorated many doors this holiday season, providing a personal touch for friends and family. Thank you to everyone who made wreaths and sold wreaths, to the teachers who hung out with our children on wreath nights, and to the custodians and office staff who dealt with many of the details.

Now we need to see how this effort will impact spring camping. Funds from this fundraiser help defray camping and outdoor education costs.

To get an accurate accounting, we need your green wreath tags and money ASAP. Please collect cash and checks and place them in an envelope in the PTSA lock box in the front office. The Earth Hall is already planning Camp River Ranch, and we need these as soon as possible — by no later than Tuesday, January 9.

Be sure to fill out the Sold By field, so we can correctly credit your child’s classroom — some tags have been coming back without that field filled in!

So far, we have money for just about 300 wreaths, but past experience has shown that about one-quarter of the funds arrive in January. So if you are one of those people, turn them in so we can know just how great we rocked it. Thank you!