Apr 26

Autism Acceptance and So Much More!

504’s, IEP’s and IDK’s Oh my! Do any of these ring a bell for you when you think about your child? Roughly thirty percent of our student population are currently being served for special needs in the classroom through a 504 or an IEP. That’s right THIRTY percent. Another undocumented percentage of us fall, daily, into the IDK (I Don’t Know) when it comes to our kids with needs that fall out of the range of what would be called typically developing. That’s a large portion of our students and families that are effected by a wide range of challenges when it comes to raising and educating our children.

Because I am one of those parents, it was my pleasure to decorate the display case this month, highlighting Autism Acceptance Month. I had some wonderful conversations with folks as they passed by while I was decorating. My favorite moment though came when Willa, from the Eagle Clan, came by, observed me for a moment, cocked her head to the side and said “There are people who don’t accept autism? I don’t think we have a problem with that here at Pathfinder”.

Willa’s comment was right on the money. Pathfinder has a rich history of inclusivity in general and there is a legacy of inclusion with regard to the autism community. Over the years this tradition has evolved to include “quirky” children and parents of all types. In keeping with that tradition your PTSA is also evolving. We are excited to announce a new parent group the PSNAC, Pathfinder Special Needs Advocacy Community. While we are new in our evolution, our numbers are many and our plans great! Our general mission will be one of advocacy, information and support to parents and staff regarding the wide realm of special needs, including but not limited to autism.

You might be one of the many parents that we plan on serving if you relate to one or more of the following in your child: Sensory Issues, Self-regulation Issues, Executive Functioning Challenges, ADD, ADHD, Tourette’s, OCD, Anxiety, SPD, Hyperlexia, Selective Mutism, Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder, Diabetes, Asthma, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Seizure disorders, Auditory Processing, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, Aspergers/Autism, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delays, Allergies, and more.

In the months to come, PSNAC will be rolling out some exciting events that are designed to build connection among the parents of students of who have special needs as well as offer resources and opportunities for information to parents, staff and the wider Pathfinder community. For now, look for us at PTSA events or contact Odetta Owen, Autism Liaison to the PTSA board, at miss_oo@hotmail.com for more information. We look forward to building community with you.

Feb 03

We’re getting so close!

After all the grants and matching, the Pathfinder Community has about $50,000 to raise before we can begin construction. Track our progress with this widget.

Dec 14

The Earth Project Cookbook

The Earth Project team is seeking recipes for simple and delicious family food from our very own Pathfinder community. This is our last call-out for recipes so we can work on publishing the book in Spring!


The cookbook will include a history of our school garden and kid art in addition to 20 recipes for Fall/Winter and 20 recipes for Spring/Summer. Do you have any favorite recipes that come to mind as you read this? If there is a story or a tale to tell about your recipe, we’d love for you to share it with us.


The Cookbook Team would like recipes that highlight ingredients that come from our school garden or other Pacific Northwest grown ingredients. The more kid-friendly, the better!  If possible, include ways that your recipes can be modified for dietary restrictions. 


Please send your recipes to Karen Stone at kk.stone2(at)gmail.com, or there will be an envelope on the wall by the front office for you to drop off recipes, pictures, photos and any stories you want to share. The deadline is Friday, December 19th, 2014. 


Nov 02

Pathfinder honored for its improvements in reading and math

2014 School of DistinctionCongratulations to the Pathfinder staff and students for being named a 2014 School of Distinction! From the Center for Educational Effectiveness’ press release:

Bellevue WA – October 28, 2014 – Outstanding improvement in reading and math sustained over a five‐year period is the reason that 101 schools in Washington state received the 2014 School of Distinction (SOD) award today. The Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) in partnership with the Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD), the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP), Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA), Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA), and Washington State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (WSASCD) have recognized schools in the top 5% of improvement for their levels.

The 2014 School of Distinction award winners include 54 elementary schools, 22 middle / junior high schools, 17 high schools, and 8 alternative schools. This award is the eighth annual School of Distinction award in Washington State and includes nine schools who are first‐time winners and multiple‐year winners including Mercer International Middle School (Seattle Public Schools) which is a six time winner of the SOD award. Describing the schools that are designated as School of Distinction award winners, Greg Lobdell, President of CEE noted, “These schools are from all regions of the state, all sizes of towns, with a range from 2.7% to 100% poverty and enrollment of English Language Learners as high as 40%. These schools demonstrate that significant improvement is occurring all across our diverse public schools.”

Oct 22

Meet Elk Clan (4/5) teacher, Talia!


Talia as a 4th grader.

Hello! My name is Talia Maas-Howard, and I’m thrilled to be joining the
Pathfinder team this year as the 4th/5th grade Elk Clan teacher. I was
born and raised in Northern California where I completed my BA in
Development Studies at UC Berkeley. I worked in various capacities in the Oakland Unified School District before moving to Seattle to pursue an
Elementary Credential and a Masters in Teaching from the University of

In my free time I enjoy gardening, playing soccer, hiking,
reading, and listening to live music. I greatly look forward to
strengthening relationships with the students, families, and staff that
make up the Pathfinder community.


Elk Clan (4/5) teacher, Talia.

Oct 17

Important Information about Pathfinder’s Creative Approach Application

Your Building Leadership Team (BLT) and the Pathfinder staff have agreed that this will be the year Pathfinder engages in the application process to become a Creative Approach school. THIS IS A CALL FOR PROPOSALS as to what that approach will be. The process is vigorous and our timeline is tight. However, this may be the last year that the opportunity will be made available hence the push to apply this year for the following school year. Proposals are due on October 30th at 9:00 a.m. Community involvement is crucial to the success of the application. Please see the following embedded document for additional information on Creative Approach Schools, our deadlines/process, as well as the proposal questions.

Once the proposals are turned in a very busy Creative School Committee will be assessing the applications to determine the direction of our approach. This committee will be made up of staff, PTSA Board members and other parents. Pathfinder’s deadline for submitting the application is December 19th. There will be a Town Hall to review and discuss the application prior to its submission. Date to be announced.

If you are completely (or partially) in the dark about Creative Approach schools like I was until a month ago, I am available as your BLT parent representative to answer any questions as is David. We are excited about the possibilities for Pathfinder as a Creative Approach school and although the process will be intense and rigorous, feel that it is a worthy endeavor!

–Odetta Owen, BLT and PTSA Board Member

Sep 15

Bullying 101

We had a very informative speaker come share with us at  our PTSA meeting about Bullying. What is bullying versus what is simply mean or with younger kids, just trying to sort out social boundaries and etiquette. She shared some handouts with those in attendance but we know not everyone could be there so we wanted to share the information with everyone so here you go:


bully handout

parent handouts for powerpoint


Sep 14

Volunteer to be a Clan Coordinator!

Volunteer for Clan Coordinator

We need your help!

  • Coordinate help for your teacher by communicating information to the parents.
  • Act as a communication channel from the school organizers and PTSA to the parents in your class.
  • Get to know the other parents in your class as well as your child’s classmates.
  • Get support from your Outreach coordinator (Karie Koltz) and the other clan coordinators during the year with social meetings.

There are openings for the following clans:

Orca, Falcon, Raven, Coyote, Bear, Snake, Bee, Fox and Sea Star

Contact Karie Koltz at kariekoltz@yahoo.com or call 206-769-6713. We need spots filled!

Sep 12

Welcoming our new Garden Educator

Tara Migliore Potter is Pathfinder’s incoming Garden Educator, and she comes to our school with rich experience of weaving garden time in with class instruction. To learn more about Pathfinder’s school garden or to get on her volunteer list, contact Tara at tara(at)naturec.org.

ATT00002I live in Highland Park with my husband, 2.5 year old son, and our pets: 1 cat and 3 chickens. I am very excited to be part of the Pathfinder K-8 community, sharing my passion for permaculture gardening and connecting youth and families to nature. I have a BA in Environmental Studies and Ecology from the University of Washington’s Program on the Environment, and I will be finishing my MA at Antioch University Seattle this December with a degree in Environment and Community which focuses on food systems and social change. I hope to get to know many of the families in our community in the coming months, so please come say hello or stop by the garden to see what is growing.TMigliore


Jul 06

Bell schedule for 2014-15

image by flickr user alexkerheadWith the change in the length of the day and the new, later, start time, we have a new bell schedule for next year.
8:35 First Bell
8:40 Second Bell
11:10 – 11:30 K/1 Lunch 11:30 – 11:50 K/1 Recess
11:25 – 11:45 2/3 Lunch 11:45 – 12:05 2/3 Recess
12:00 – 12:10 MS Lunch 12:10 – 12:30 MS Recess
12:30 – 12:50 4/5 Lunch 12:50 – 1:10 4/5 Recess
3:10 End of School
3:20 Buses leave

image courtesy of flickr user alexkerhead