Nov 17

Wreaths 2017

Everything You Need to Know — And MORE!

The Details:

What:  Make and sell fully handmade wreaths to support Pathfinder School’s Outdoor Education and Camping Programs

When:  November 19 – December 10

Who:  All Pathfinder families and friends

Where:  The wreath workshop is set up in Pathfinder’s covered play-court. Farmers Markets take place on the corner of California and Alaska in front of Key Bank.

What Do Wreaths Cost?

Medium wreaths cost $25. Large wreaths cost $35. Prices may be higher at Farmers Markets.

How Do I Make a Wreath?

Anyone can make a wreath! Come during your classroom’s Wreath Night to learn from your peers or on a Saturday when there will be other wreath-makers in the workshop. There will be instructions in the workshop for do-it-yourselfers or for those who need a refresher. You need not sell every wreath you make; we always need wreaths for pre-orders and for Farmers Markets on Sundays.

When Can I Make a Wreath?

The shop is always open, but the overhead lights will only be available when there is a custodian on the premises. The only reserved times are for class wreath nights (see below). If the workshop cage is locked, ask at the front office or text the number on the cage door for the combination. Be sure to lock up when you leave.

How Do I Sell a Wreath?

There are three ways to sell a wreath:

  1. Make and Sell Wreath: Make and sell your own creation. Collect cash or check and submit tags with your money to the front office. Make sure your name and child’s class is listed as both the maker/seller on the tag. Alternatively, the buyer can pay online by pre-ordering the wreath.
  2. Sell Wreath Only: Have someone else make the wreath and you sell it to a friend or family member. Pre-order online or fill out a paper form and turn it into the office or to Pick a date close to your delivery. We will notify you when your order is ready for pickup in the wreath workshop. Orders will be filled in the order in which they are placed.
  3. Sell a Wreath at a Farmers Market: Pathfinder will be selling wreaths at the West Seattle Farmers Markets on three consecutive Sundays from 10am-2pm. Working a shift (or helping with set-up or take-down) is a great way to earn credit for your class! Sign up TODAY for a shift on Nov. 26, Dec. 3 and/or Dec. 10.

This year’s bow selections can be found here. Supplies may be limited.

Clipping Greens & Ornamentals

We can always use evergreens and ornamentals! Begin dropping off clippings as early as Nov 17 at the Wreath workshop. We need lots and lots of evergreens: firs, pines, spruce, arborvitae and more. These provide the base of every wreath. Then we spice up the wreaths with berries, seedpods, cones and other interesting ornamentals. Ideas and photos of ornamentals to clip can be found here.

Your child’s classroom can get credit for the time you spend foraging for wreath goodies. You may tally your time online or in the logbox in the workshop.

How Do I Get Credit for My Child’s Class?

Each wreath will have a tag that needs to be filled out completely, including the name (and classroom) of who makes the wreath and the name (and classroom) of who sells the wreath. Pre-orders must include a bow choice. Check out this year’s bows here.

When you deliver your wreath, make sure you keep half of your tag to turn in with the money you collect. The other half goes to your customer as a receipt.

Please seal tags and checks in an envelope together before you turn them in. Wreath tags and money need to be turned into the office by Tuesday, January 9 to ensure your child’s classroom gets credit.

Wreath Schedule

  • Online and paper pre-orders:  Nov. 20 – Dec. 4
  • Sunday Farmers Markets:  Nov. 26, Dec. 3 and Dec. 10

Classroom Wreath Nights: 5:30-8:00pm unless otherwise noted

Mon. 11/27:          Open

Tues. 11/28:          Eagle/Elk

Wed. 11/29:          Octopus/Owl

Thur. 11/30:          Frog/Spider

Fri. 12/1:               Snake/Wolf

Sat. 12/2:               Seal (10am-12:30pm) and Salmon (1-3pm)

Mon. 12/4:            Raven/Falcon

Tues. 12/5:            Bee/Fox/Lynx

Wed. 12/6:            Blue Heron/Kingfisher

Thur. 12/7:            Bat/Turtle/Otter

Fri. 12/8:               Bear/Coyote

Sat. 12/9:               Open 10am-12:30pm

  • Dec. 11: Last day wreath workshop open. Any remaining wreaths will be donated.
  • Dec. 12-13: Break down and cleanup of workshop.
  • Jan. 9: Final day to turn in tags and money for classroom credit.

How is My Child’s Classroom Credited?

Your efforts directly benefit your children’s classrooms: 40% of the price of a wreath goes to the maker; 40% of the sales price goes to the seller; 10% is reserved for people who take to collect greens, make bows and clean the workshop; and 10% goes towards expenses.

Questions? Like to Volunteer?

NOTE:  For the safety of our students the Wreath shop needs to remain locked, but we encourage people to make wreaths on their own time during the day, evenings or weekends. Text the number on the workshop door for the code or check in at the office. Please lock up when you leave.

Nov 14

Volunteers Needed for Elder’s Luncheon

Sign up here to help with Friday’s Elder’s Luncheon. Thank you!


Nov 09

We have auction chairs!

Desirae Wilkerson

Desirae Wilkerson (Mom to a Seal and Raven) and Jenny Gutama Kulas  (mom to a Seal) have enthusiastically stepped up to co-chair this year’s auction.

Save the date—Saturday, March 3, 2018.

It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year and some say it’s the most FUN!  If you have ideas for the auction, want to volunteer on the committee, or want to say thank you for leading it, you may reach them at 

Jenny Gutama Kulas

Nov 07

Would you like to host a group event?

GROUP EVENTS are unique and creative fundraisers that support school programs for our kids and are hosted by parents, teacher, and staff. The kid events are for Pathfinder kids, and the adult events are for Pathfinder parents and other adult guests. Examples from the kid events include Capture the Flag, Sleepover with David and Lisa (at school!), pizza and craft night with the Earth Hall teachers. Adult events have included Wine Tasting, Hacker Golf Tournament, Healing Balms and Salves, Happy Bites Italian Cooking Class and Dinner. Last year we had about 20 unique events hosted at restaurants, homes, stores, and parks. The sky is the limit.  

If you are looking for a fun way to volunteer and enjoy meeting people and having fun, this might be the opportunity for you. I can help think through the logistics and get it scheduled.

Nov 04

November 17 is Elder-Grandparent-Special Friend Luncheon

Don’t forget to register by November 16th for this lovely Pathfinder tradition.

Nov 04

Follow us on Twitter

We’re on Twitter now! Follow Pathfinder PTSA on Twitter @pathfinderptsa.

Oct 30

Thank You! Direct Give Raises $27,150

Direct GiveThanks to a record number of donors this year, The Pathfinder PTSA Direct Give raised $27,150, exceeding its goal of $25,000 by more than $2,000! This is great news, and we will be able to put this money right to work funding  academic priorities like tutoring and creative approach, valuable hands-on work in the Pathfinder garden, and fun community events for the kids and their families.

We couldn’t do this without the strong support of the Pathfinder community — 155 parents, teachers, administrators, and extended families members donated to the campaign. You’re the best!

Direct Give was the first of three main fundraisers this year. One of our favorites, Wreaths, is just around the corner. The Wreath fundraiser helps defray the cost of camping and outdoor education and allows us to unleash our creativity in making and selling holiday wreaths.

The biggest fundraiser is Pathfinder’s annual Auction. This year, the Auction is on Saturday, March 3. Funds raised at the auction make up the bulk of the PTSA’s revenue each year. Mark your calendars for what promises to be a very entertaining night!

There are also easy ways to raise money for Pathfinder just by going about your daily shopping. You can clip BoxTops off popular brands of foods and products, save West Seattle Thriftway receipts, purchase gift cards for just about any major business, and shop Amazon using our affiliate link (which nets us 4-7%, versus Amazon Smile, which nets us 0.5%). Check out all of the ways you can Shop & Earn for Pathfinder here.


Oct 23

PTSA General Meeting

PTSA General Meeting

Thursday, November 9th

6:15-8:30 PM  /  Pathfinder Library

Featured Speaker—Aidan Key

Increased awareness and education regarding gender identity enables all children to achieve a more holistic and confident school experience. In today’s climate we find that our transgender students and their families are more vulnerable and need our support, but we don’t always have the answers. Aidan Key, founder of Gender Diversity and West Seattle resident, will share with us ways to discuss gender diversity as families and educators as well as answer questions that we as parents and educators grapple with when discussing gender diversity and transgender issues with our children and students. Key’s expertise on gender diversity in children has informed gender-inclusive policy work within the WA Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), the Washington Intercollegiate Activities Association, and Seattle Public Schools. Key also  co-chairs the Advisory Board of the Seattle Children’s Gender Clinical and has been featured in the national media for his perspective on transgender issues.
Brought to you by the PTSA’s Diversity Task Force

PTSA Business

  • Vote on our Standing Rules / General Announcements
  • Free childcare provided to Pathfinder K-8 families by Blazing Trails for children 5 and over.

Oct 19

Chinook Book App – A New Twist on Earth Project Fundraiser

This year we have a new easy way for you to support our conservation and gardening programs at Pathfinder: purchase a mobile subscription to Chinook Book using our special fundraising link!

Don’t have the Chinook Book App yet? Tap the link below from your phone to purchase your $15 Chinook Book app subscription and you’ll enjoy a whole year of savings at local, sustainable places you love like West Seattle Nursery, PCC, Chaco Canyon, Goodwill, Easy Street Records and the Pacific Science Center.

Plus! Your subscription will continue to benefit our fundraiser year after year as long as we continue to fundraise with Chinook Book.

Already have the app? First make sure you have updated to the most recent version of the app. Then tap the link below. It will redirect you to the App Store. Tap “open” and it will take you directly to the payment page with our partner ID already loaded in so your purchase will benefit our fundraiser. Ready?

Tap here from your phone to purchase your Chinook Book mobile app subscription and benefit our fundraiser:

Don’t have email on your phone? Don’t worry! Just go to to download the app. Go to the “Purchase Full Access” screen on the “More” menu to pay for your subscription and enter the Partner ID “pathfinder k8” to have your purchase benefit the fundraiser.

We will not be selling print copies this year through this fundraiser. As a regular supporter of Chinook Books, I have used the coupons on my phone more frequently than the print ones. Nearby coupons pop up at request, and if you head to Portland or San Francisco those city’s coupons pop up automatically for use on your phone. I’ve always gained my investment back by using 2-3 coupons.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Tasha Mosher, Earth Project volunteer

Oct 18

Direct Give: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Pathfinder PTSA’s Direct Give? Here are some answers, based on the inquiries we get most often.

What is the Direct Give?

Pathfinder’s Direct Give is a fall fundraiser, held in October, by the Pathfinder PTSA. It involves direct donations to Pathfinder’s PTSA. We love it because it is simple — no selling candy or gift wrap — and all of the funds raised go straight to supporting our students and school.

What Does the Pathfinder PTSA Fund?

Pathfinder PTSA funding touches every student – from the hands on experience of our garden to Field Day, storytelling at assemblies, and camping. During the 2017-2018 school year, we will invest $84,000 in academic and classroom support, an increase of 27 percent, meaning more tutors and instructional aides in the classroom. Teachers and specialists will be given a stipend to spend on books, supplies, or special projects for their classrooms. And thanks to funding from last year, middle school athletes are sporting new uniforms and a new sound system will be installed in the cafeteria. Here’s an overview of the funding:

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

YES! Pathfinder PTSA is a 501(c)3 organization. Our Tax ID number or EIN is: 91-1598827.

How Do I Make a Donation?

There are several ways you can make a donation to the Direct Give:

  • Write a check: It should be made out to “Pathfinder PTSA.” Checks can be dropped off in Pathfinder’s front office in a locked box. Alternatively, they can be mailed to: Pathfinder PTSA, Attention: Treasurer,
    1901 SW Genesee St., Seattle, WA 98106.
  • Make an online donation: Go to and use your credit card or your PayPal account to make your donation.
  • Make a monthly donation: Stretch your donation out over the year by giving a little bit each month. Go to the online donation portal at and check the box labeled “Make this a monthly donation.” You can change or stop your payment at anytime through PayPal or by contacting our treasurer at

Will My Employer Match My Donation?

Many employers match their employees charitable donations, and if they do, Pathfinder PTSA should qualify. Check this partial list of workplaces that have matched gifts to see if your employer is on it or ask your Human Resources department. If you need confirmation of your donation, please contact the PTSA treasurer at

Will I Get a Receipt for My Donation?

Yes! We will send confirmation of your donation after the campaign is over and then mail tax donation letters for your records at the end of the calendar year. Please contact if you haven’t received one by January.

The Direct Give Campaign is Over — Can I Still Donate?

Of course you can! Any donation given during the school year via the Donate button on the website or as a check will add to the Direct Give — and support all of the projects of the Pathfinder PTSA.