Wreath Fundraiser Smashes Record!

The annual wreath fundraiser helps decrease the costs of spring camping for all Pathfinder students.

The results of Pathfinder’s annual Wreath Fundraiser are in, and it is all good news. Wreath sales netted $13,775 this year, which bests our previous total by a whopping $1,770! All of this money will go to defray the costs of camping this spring.

The Pathfinder community smashed many wreath records in the process, including net revenue, number of wreaths sold and farmers market sales. We made and sold 505 wreaths this year. That’s a lot of wreaths!! Farmers markets were the clear highlight and account for almost all of the revenue increase. Their success is a clear testament to the continuing improved quality of our wreaths. A special shout-out goes to first grade families, who continue their wreath-loving trend by making 96 wreaths!

There are many questions about how this all works for camping. Every grade band will receive in excess of $1,000 to apply to camping this spring, and the distinct classrooms will receive $750 for outdoor experiences. The PTSA has written a check to the school and informed the teachers of their wreath totals. The school then distributes the funds based on camping expenses. Kindergarten, first and fifth grades all camp separately; they will split their wreath funds equally. Second and third grades pool their funds for Camp River Ranch, and each of the other grade band classrooms camp together. If there are any leftovers, they roll up to the kids’ grades next year.

It’s a lot of math.

So, congratulations wreath makers and sellers, greens bringers and wreath organizers! We hope everyone had a good time being creative in the workshop and perhaps meeting someone new at the school. Until next year, happy camping!