Wreath Fundraiser Raises $12,000 for Camping

The tally of wreath tags is complete and the total is in! After expenses, this year we raised $12,042 for Pathfinder’s camping and outdoor education program. That was 483 wreaths made and sold over five weeks, the  result of the hard work and dedication of our collective Pathfinder village. Thank you to everyone — and there are scores of you — who made and sold wreaths!

How did wreath funds compare to last year?

The Blue Herons try out fishing from the dock at Beacon Rock State Park on a spring camping trip.

One of the exciting results is that we raised $1,100 more than last year. We believe that is due to three factors:

  1. The quality of the wreaths was better. Our new wreath video made a big difference!
  2. For the first time, we offered a credit card option at the Farmers Markets and events.
  3. We got started earlier, allowing us to sell $500 of wreaths at Elders Lunch.

How are wreath funds allocated?

The cost of camping for all kids will be less this year because of everyone’s hard work. Every wreath sale defrays the cost of camping.

But there is also a participation factor. Classrooms and grade bands with the most participation will see the lowest camping costs (and for a couple of classrooms, it is likely to be free). The wreath sales are allocated as follows: 40% of the price of a wreath goes to the maker’s classroom; 40% of the sales price goes to the seller; 10% is reserved for people who collect greens, make bows and clean the workshop; and 10% goes towards expenses.

Generally, wreath funds go to individual classrooms in K/1, and are pooled and divided among the grade bands of 2/3, 4/5 and each middle school year.

Which class raised the most funds this year?

Drumroll, please! In what must be a first, the Seal Class, a Kindergarten classroom with just 16 students, raised an astounding $1,744. How did they do it? They got involved. One new parent tried making a wreath,  found she LOVED it, and made and sold 40 wreaths! Another new parent organized the Farmers Markets. A third made dozens of bows. And their enthusiasm helped get other parents involved.

The Top Ten:

  1. Seal (K): $1,744
  2. Blue Heron (4/5th): $1,279
  3. Elk (4/5th): $991
  4. Kingfisher (4/5th): $832
  5. Coyote (7th): $767
  6. Bat (1st): $751
  7. Eagle (4/5th): $733
  8. Frog (2/3rd): $664
  9. Bear (7th): $498
  10. Salmon (K): $492

Great work, everyone! We will see you next year in the wreath workshop for more creative fun that benefits our kids’ experiences at Pathfinder.