What we’re learning in the garden – Bird language


Bird language

In Sky Hall this month we are talking like birds. Our squawks and chirps are silly and have a real purpose.

Though we often take time to identify what birds are around us and find it thrilling to spot a raptor or a rare song bird it is also important to pause and listen to what these birds are telling us, to peek inside their world and learn to empathize with them. Bird language is a tool for us to use as we listen in on the alarm calls, telling us when a predator is near by (or our presence is alarming the birds) and the constant chirping of baby birds (letting us know where to look for a nest).

The five bird voices give us a framework for understanding the birds in a whole new way. It is also a motivating tool, one that gets kids interested in learning more from nature and practicing the skills they need to move quietly, and observe. When we squawk and chirp like birds we are pretending to be them, we have to focus our minds on the perspectives, motives and feelings of something beyond ourselves and this builds up the social-emotional muscles our kids need to navigate the world with kindness and empathy.

Opening this perspective for our kids is such a gift, and chirping like birds is plain fun.

– by Tara Potter Migliore