What Do I Do with Wreath Tags and Money?

Pick out a wreath to buy or sell! We have TONS that need good homes.

This is the final week of the Pathfinder wreath fundraiser. We have many beautiful wreaths in the workshop and four wreath nights coming up. We need to buy and sell these awesome creations! Please pick one up for family, friends and neighbors.

What do you do after you’ve delivered your wreath?

This is a common question, and we’re here to demystify it for you.

  1. Make sure the tag is fully filled out
    Detach the right side of the wreath tag, leaving the stub with the buyer. Then write your name and your child’s grade on the seller’s side of the tag.
  2. Collect your money
    Collect cash or check from your buyer. Checks should be made out to “Pathfinder PTSA.” Sorry, credit card sales are limited to Farmers Markets and pre-sales, largely because it would be too difficult to track the tags.
  3. Put it all in an envelope
    Please put all of your tags and money in an envelope, with your name on it. Adding some contact information is encouraged, in case there are questions. Make sure the tag amounts and the money you’ve included add up.
  4. Bring it to the Pathfinder office and place in PTSA box by January 9
    Please bring your envelope of all tags and money to the Pathfinder office no later than January 9. Just inside the door to the office, you will find a black PTSA lock box on the counter. Stuff your envelope through the opening, and you’re done!

How are the wreath funds tabulated?

This year, all wreath funds will be allocated by grade band to help defray the costs of spring camping or outdoor experiences for students. We tabulate each and every wreath tag (that’s why you want to fill it out correctly), then divide the price of the wreath as follows:

  • Maker’s class receives 40%
  • Seller’s class receives 40%
  • Time recorded for tasks like clipping, collecting, workshop management, etc receives 10%
  • Expenses total 10%

If you volunteered to sell at Elders Lunch or a Farmers Market, all proceeds from those sales will be divided among the time you and others spent selling.

Then, in early February, we let the teachers know how much they will be able to put toward camping. The earlier we can tell them, the better, so please don’t forget to turn in your tags and money! Thank you!