Thank You for your Generosity

Between the online auction and the Pathfinder Food Assistance Fund, the PTSA has been blown away by the community’s generosity this spring. This month’s online auction and donations associated with it, have raised $53,834 before expenses. We have also raised more than $10,000 for the Pathfinder Food Assistance fund, which purchases grocery gift cards for families in need. Both are so important to help us meet the needs of our community at this time of great uncertainty and economic hardship.

Online Auction a Success!

We were thrilled as the bidding picked up in the final day and helped us top even our most optimistic projections for Pathfinder’s first online auction. At the end of Auction Week, we had raised $53,000 from the online auction and group events this spring, including:

  • $19,200 from people who turned their pre-purchased and unused auction and group event tickets into donations
  • $8,100 from direct donations during the online auction
  • $24,060 from online auction bidding on items and class art
  • $2,310 from the two group events that occurred prior to school closing

Thank you so much! When we were forced to postpone our March auction and then cancel it altogether, the PTSA was worried about meeting its bottom line for the year. How would an online auction work? Would anyone take part? The answers were loud and clear, and we think folks had fun participating too.

How Will the Funds Be Used?

The funds raised through the online auction will allow the PTSA to finish the year in the black and carry forward funds to next year’s budget where they are really, really needed. The bulk of our budget next year will go to funding the garden program and teacher, classroom funds for teachers and academic achievement funds to the school.

Academic achievement funds are by far the largest share, and due to budget cuts from the school district, the PTSA is being asked to fund more than ever before. With so much uncertainty with the school year, we want to make sure that Pathfinder has the ability to meet the unexpected challenges it is bound to face in the fall and beyond.

We will be sharing more details very soon about next year’s PTSA budget, and we will be holding a June 2 Zoom board meeting to vote on it.

Pathfinder Food Assistance Fund

Finally, we want to provide an update on the Pathfinder Food Assistance Fund — a shining example of how generous the Pathfinder community is. In late March, the Pathfinder PTSA created the Pathfinder Food Assistance Fund to help purchase grocery gift cards to Pathfinder families who are facing food insecurity.

The response was immediate! To date, we have raised more than $10,000 to put to this cause, and we so far have provided the school with gift cards totaling $5,400. If you are a Pathfinder family in need of food support, please contact Principal David Dockendorf. If you would like to contribute to this fund, you can MAKE A DONATION NOW.

A Final Thank You

One of Pathfinder’s great strengths is its involved and committed community of parents, grandparents and alumni. You have demonstrated this commitment in spades during this spring, meeting the needs of our kids and community every time you’ve been asked. Thank you!