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Why I became a PTSA member: Suzi’s Story

I joined Pathfinder PTSA because I heard that parents of middle schoolers tend to disappear from the hallways. I feel this is an important time in kids’ lives. I want to stay involved, have a voice, and know what’s happening at school. Suzi Zurek, Membership Chair

Why I became a PTSA member: Sarah’s story

We joined the PTSA as just one way of actively participating in our community. Sarah Steinke, Co-treasurer

Why I became a PTSA member: Odetta’s story

When we came to Pathfinder our family was in crisis. I could do nothing to add to the community. The next year we were stronger and more centered and the amazing people at Pathfinder were a large piece of that healing. I had plenty of time and lots of gratitude but an income that did …

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