Pathfinder Auction Goes Online May 1-8!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for MAY 1 – 8! Pathfinder’s annual auction is moving online.

Auction party and all group events cancelled, but we still need the financial support

Because of school closures and ongoing restrictions for large gatherings, we have unfortunately cancelled the May 15th Party Gras Dinner and Auction. We have also cancelled all remaining group events this year.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and support for Pathfinder PTSA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The auction and group events are responsible for about three-quarters of the PTSA’s revenue, and are critical for everything from teacher classroom funds and academic support to the garden and community events.

Online Auction May 1-8 — Everyone can participate

That’s why the show will go on virtually! Starting May 1 and running until May 8, we will be offering a slimmed down version of our gala online. We will have several very cool packages and items in a variety of price points, all classroom art and the opportunity to make a donation to the PTSA. It will be a great opportunity to spice up your week in this season of social distancing.

We are excited to try out this new format and also pleased that it will allow our entire Pathfinder community to participate, not just those in the room at the auction. You will even be able to invite grandparents and neighbors to join in!

Options for those holding tickets to auction or group events

Current ticket holders, and anyone who purchased a group event, have two options for the funds they’ve already spent:

  • Turn your ticket into a donation — Your ticket will be automatically turned into a 100% tax-deductible donation if you do nothing. You will receive an emailed receipt confirming your donation.
  • Request a refund — Email by 5pm on Monday, April 27 with your refund request and we will process it for you.

Stay tuned! Lots more online auction info is coming soon. Get ready to bid early and often during the week of May 1-8!