Pond Keeping 101 with Lisa DeBurle of the Frog Clan

I use PTSA funds in many ways to support my students.

At the beginning of the year I purchase portfolios, markers, bins, crates and other supplies that we need to get things started.

Throughout the year I buy books that align with our reading, writing, science and social studies units, as well as add books …

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Bucks for books

PTSA monies fund the entire library budget!

We use them to purchase books and book processing supplies, comfy seating and a few items to decorate the space.

A handful of Pathfinder parents even helped me paint the library several years ago using direct give funds.

Thank you Pathfinder PTSA!

– Kathy Egawa, Library and …

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Update – Direct Give – Update

Our Direct Give has just passed $10,000!!!

Thank you thank you for your generosity. We are almost there.

The Spider Clan weaves a web of creativity thanks to PTSA classroom funds

Missa shares how she makes use of PTSA classroom funds –

One of my favorite uses of PTSA funds is being able to buy fresh art supplies every couple of years for our Expedition art projects. During our Storytelling Expedition, the students paint Kamishibai cards to tell their Origin stories; pulling out fresh watercolors is …

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Kindergartner whisperer Janet shares how PTSA classroom funds keep her fish swimming in the Salmon Clan

I have been teaching for many, many years and I have so appreciated your support of my work and our classrooms through your generous classroom fund program.

Over the years I have used PTSA funds in many ways. Most recently I have used the money to pay for mentor texts suggested through the Reading and …

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