Thanks to Bird on a Wire

Many thanks to Bird on a Wire for donating coffee for the Back to School Breakfast, which was attended by many new and returning Pathfiinder parents. Whatever each person’s frame of mind (elated, broken-hearted, worried, you get the idea) on the first day of school, that jolt of delicious java was much appreciated by all.

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Reflecting on my Daughter’s days at Pathfinder

My daughter just graduated from Pathfinder. She attended 3rd-8th grade. I am a wreck! I’m not ready for her to move on to high school, for the “beginning of the end”. I want to just stop time and stay here where they need me just enough but are indepent enough. This is the sweet spot.

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Pathfinder Garden Classroom’s summer plans

Summer’s here, but the garden keeps growing. Bring a friend and come water, harvest, and watch our beautiful space unfold! All ages welcome, and please feel free to come even if the slots have filled up.

Sign up here: . Updates and garden photos will be posted on the Pathfinder Garden Facebook page at …

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Autism Acceptance and So Much More!

504’s, IEP’s and IDK’s Oh my! Do any of these ring a bell for you when you think about your child? Roughly thirty percent of our student population are currently being served for special needs in the classroom through a 504 or an IEP. That’s right THIRTY percent. Another undocumented percentage of us fall, daily, …

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The Earth Project Cookbook

The Earth Project team is seeking recipes for simple and delicious family food from our very own Pathfinder community. This is our last call-out for recipes so we can work on publishing the book in Spring!


The cookbook will include a history of our school garden and kid art in addition to 20 recipes …

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