The suspense is killing us!

According to Odetta Owen, PTSA President in her Sunday PTSA Digest:

“The counting is not done yet but at this moment Direct Give contributions are totaling 22,892.00! ”

If you still need to make your donation, click the Donate Now button.

It will still count toward the …

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A big thank you to our Direct Give volunteers!

Thank you, Direct Give volunteers –

Alisha Arnold

Coco Williams

Brooklyn Arnold

Heather Floyd

Heidi Jindrich

Torito Keoni LeBord

Toni Wells

Suzi Zurek

Susan Elderkin

Cami Peloza

Gillian Maguire

Kathy Henderson

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Are you planning an event on school grounds?

Important – new procedure to reserve space on school grounds If you are planning a meeting or event that will happen on school grounds, there is a new district-wide policy! You must submit your information and needs to the school secretary, Danielle Otey, at least two weeks in advance of the date so she can reserve the …

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Why Pathfinder is home to us

My son started out at a neighborhood school as a kindergartner. It was clear from the first day that it was not going to be a good fit. Our guy is hyperlexic, and although he reads well-beyond grade-level his spoken language and some motor skills have lagged behind. After a few months, the teacher and …

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Our Direct Give has just passed $17,400!!!

Thank you thank you for your generosity. We are almost there . . .