New budget, new PTSA officers!

playground compassAt last week’s year end celebration the budget for 2016-2017 and next year’s executive committee were overwhelmingly approved. You can review next year’s budget. It is no longer “proposed” but actual!

Officers for next year:

  • Odetta Owen – President
  • Sarah Steinke – Vice-President
  • Sigrid Brunet – Secretary
  • Jennifer Babuca – Co-Treasurer
  • (one position still remains, an additional co-treasurer, maybe YOU)

We happily welcome back Gillian Maguire (Communications), Susan Elderkin (Fundraising), Suzi Zurek (Membership), Tasha Mosher (Earth Project), Chris Kindem (Middle School Liaison) and Cecelia Lehmann (Legislative).

We are thrilled to have Karen Hogan Li (Volunteer Committee) and Holli Margell (Bullying Prevention) Jules Strong (Autism Liaison) join us and grateful to Ceceila Lehmann for taking on Wreaths next year along with Legislative. Welcome Maureen Clark who will be Co-Coordinating the Earth Project with Tasha Mosher.

Lari Garrison and Greg Goldstein return in the capacity of Autism Liaison and Safety Committee Liaison respectively.

Pat Hanulick, Chris Kindem, and Flip Fortier remain with us as our Financial Review Committee and Kelly Guenther and Lisa Wharf join us as in the capacities of marketing and consulting respectively.

We would love to have a co-chair for Legislative, especially during the Wreath season! We are excited to see what next year brings in the life of PTSA and Pathfinder!

-by Odetta Owen, PTSA President,