Hello and welcome from your PTSA Board!

pathfinderPTSA tinyDear families,

We, your Pathfinder K8 PTSA Board, are excited to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year at Pathfinder K-8.

For those new to Pathfinder K-8 you will soon discover that you are part of an amazing school community. We educate children here in a way that is unique to other Seattle schools and a major component in making that happen is you. In fact, the parent involvement at Pathfinder is so vital to our school’s success it is sometimes called the “Parent Machine.” For nineteen years a tradition of educating our children by choice at Pathfinder has been cultivated, nurtured and maintained by YOU. You are our most important resource as a PTSA.

Sometimes I hear people say “I can’t join PTSA because I don’t want another commitment right now.” I absolutely understand that! We respect your time. We respect that families ALWAYS come first. We are volunteers. Joining PTSA entails filling out a form and paying membership (scholarships available). Honestly, that’s it. You don’t have to do anything after that. Your fees go to the PTA local here in Seattle, to support the work of all local PTA/PTSA’s. It’s the only time your PTSA will ask you a to write a check that doesn’t go DIRECTLY back to your students’ education at Pathfinder. Those fees are detailed at this link from the Washington State PTA website. You then get to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your dollars at work including discounts at Barnes and Noble, Great Wolf Lodge, Fed Ex, Wild Waves, and Seattle Storm to name a few.

Volunteering and contributing to the programs that you want to see maintained at Pathfinder, such as camping, After School Program, tutoring, arts, workshops, field trips…activities that other schools often do without, can look a hundred different ways. Ongoing throughout the year it’s monetary, because without our fundraising efforts we cannot support these amazing programs. Every SINGLE dollar that is given is essential. There is no such thing as a financial gift that is too small and Direct Give, starting in the Fall is the best example of that. AND it’s more than that. My first year at Pathfinder, as a single parent, I could not contribute financially. I was able to show up in the classroom, one day a week, as a chaperone for field trips, to help out on photo day. Some folks slip in and help take the staples out of the pictures on the bulletin boards. Others change the reader board so that we can communicate better with you. And some are at their desks entering data or maintaining the website, never set foot in the school, but their efforts are equally important. There are countless ways to contribute. THEY ALL MATTER. The difference you make is a difference. There is no measure of how important based on hours spent, size of the check written. WE DON’T DO THAT HERE.

So welcome and welcome back. You are a valued member of the parent machine. Yes, your PTSA Board is at the helm directing the efforts, it’s true. But without you we have nothing to do, nothing to direct! It is our pleasure to be here, part of this amazing thing we do to educate and support each child in the Pathfinder community. Thank you.

Odetta Owen – Pathfinder K8 PTSA President

Odetta Owen, President