Group Events (ADVENTURES) Update

Group events are going strong and many are still available!

Join in the fun and contribute to Pathfinder PTSA. Register here!

Scholarships for kids are available (contact

UP NEXT (and number of spots available): (K= KIDS OK at event) (A= ADULTS OK)

May 4-5 (6pm-9am) -The Famous Pathfinder Sleepover (SOLD OUT) K

May 5 (9am-12 noon) – Capture The Flag and BBQ with the Water Hall (11 Remaining) KA

May 5 (5:30-10pm) – Book Lovers Gone Wild – (SOLD OUT) A

May 11 (6-9pm) – Whiskey Tasting Sodo and Beyond (5 remaining) A

May 12 (7-9pm) – Exclusive 50% off Shopping at Frenzi and Secret Closet (23 remaining) A

May 18 (7-9pm) – Leathercraft Adventure with Maria Esztergalyos (5 remaining) KA

May 19 (3-7pm) – Happy Bites Springtime Cooking with Denise Nelsen (4 remaining) A

June 2 (5:30-9pm) – Middle School Beach Bonfire (5 remaining) K

June 8 (6-8pm) – Pizza and Games Night with the Earth Hall (11 remaining) K

June 9 (late afternoon-dusk) – Pathfinder Hacker Golf Tournament (11 remaining) A

July 28 (2-6pm) – Beers Bowls and BBQ (3 remaining) A

August 25 (6-9pm) – Al Fresco Dinner (2 remaining) A