Class Auction Art — View All in One Place!

Have you bid on your auction art yet? Pathfinder’s Online Auction is open through May 8th, so check out the class art here and then start bidding on your classroom art and a bunch of other goodies — many that you can use RIGHT NOW during your home confinement.

Also: Anyone can bid in Pathfinder’s auction! Let grandparents and friends know about the cool stuff you can find (though all physical items will need to be picked up locally) and encourage them to participate.

If you want to read more about why Pathfinder is having an auction and how the funds raised will be used, please go here.

>> Click here to go the Online Auction


Orca — Bid Now
Otter Class — Bid Now
Turtle — Bid Now

1st Grade

Hummingbird — Bid Now
Salmon — Bid Now
Seal — Bid Now

2nd Grade

Deer — Bid Now
Owl — Bid Now
Octopus — 8 prints are available
Bid Now

3rd Grade

Frog — Bid Now
Crow — Bid Now

4th Grade

Elk — Bid Now
Kingfisher #1 — Bid Now
Kingfisher #2 — Bid Now

5th Grade

Blue Heron — Bid Now
Eagle — Bid Now

6th Grade

Kestrel & Raven — Bid Now

7th Grade

Coyote & Bear — Bid Now

8th Grade

Wolf — Bid Now
Bison — Bid Now

Distinct Classrooms

Bee — Bid Now
Fox — Bid Now
Lynx — Bid Now