Chinook Book App – A New Twist on Earth Project Fundraiser

This year we have a new easy way for you to support our conservation and gardening programs at Pathfinder: purchase a mobile subscription to Chinook Book using our special fundraising link!

Don’t have the Chinook Book App yet? Tap the link below from your phone to purchase your $15 Chinook Book app subscription and you’ll enjoy a whole year of savings at local, sustainable places you love like West Seattle Nursery, PCC, Chaco Canyon, Goodwill, Easy Street Records and the Pacific Science Center.

Plus! Your subscription will continue to benefit our fundraiser year after year as long as we continue to fundraise with Chinook Book.

Already have the app? First make sure you have updated to the most recent version of the app. Then tap the link below. It will redirect you to the App Store. Tap “open” and it will take you directly to the payment page with our partner ID already loaded in so your purchase will benefit our fundraiser. Ready?

Tap here from your phone to purchase your Chinook Book mobile app subscription and benefit our fundraiser:

Don’t have email on your phone? Don’t worry! Just go to to download the app. Go to the “Purchase Full Access” screen on the “More” menu to pay for your subscription and enter the Partner ID “pathfinder k8” to have your purchase benefit the fundraiser.

We will not be selling print copies this year through this fundraiser. As a regular supporter of Chinook Books, I have used the coupons on my phone more frequently than the print ones. Nearby coupons pop up at request, and if you head to Portland or San Francisco those city’s coupons pop up automatically for use on your phone. I’ve always gained my investment back by using 2-3 coupons.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Tasha Mosher, Earth Project volunteer