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Welcome to the New School Year

Hello and Welcome! It is with great enthusiasm we welcome you to a new school year and invite you to get involved. Our vibrant school community is nurtured and shaped by everyone that walks through its doors; and it continues to thrive because of you, and you saying yes.

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Hello and welcome from your PTSA Board!

Dear families, We, your Pathfinder K8 PTSA Board, are excited to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year at Pathfinder K-8. For those new to Pathfinder K-8 you will soon discover that you are part of an amazing school community. We educate children here in a way that is unique to other Seattle schools and …

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New budget, new PTSA officers!

At last week’s year end celebration the budget for 2016-2017 and next year’s executive committee were overwhelmingly approved. You can review next year’s budget. It is no longer “proposed” but actual! Officers for next year: Odetta Owen – President Sarah Steinke – Vice-President Sigrid Brunet – Secretary Jennifer Babuca – Co-Treasurer (one position still remains, …

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Proposed PTSA budget for 2016-2017

Update:  The proposed budget was approved at the June 9 General PTSA Meeting. The proposed budget for the PTSA for 2016-17 and helpful pie charts are at the top of this Budget page. Questions about the budget can be directed to our Co-Treasurer, Jennifer Babuca Please join us for a presentation and vote on this budget at …

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Why I became a PTSA member: Suzi’s Story

I joined Pathfinder PTSA because I heard that parents of middle schoolers tend to disappear from the hallways. I feel this is an important time in kids’ lives. I want to stay involved, have a voice, and know what’s happening at school. Suzi Zurek, Membership Chair

Why I became a PTSA member: Greg’s story

  Two part answer, first – I wanted to give back to the Pathfinder community. Second, this is more personal, I didn’t know enough of the inner workings of the PTSA to be able to comment or judge on what the PTSA did and didn’t do for my kids and our community as a whole. …

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Benefits for PTSA members

A message to everyone who has joined the PTSA this year, from Membership Chair, Suzi Zurek: Hopefully you have received your PTSA welcome email from our President. If not, please let me know. In that welcome email you should find your personal PTA membership card. Your membership gives you access to resources and year-round savings …

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Why join the PTSA?

The number one reason to join the PTSA is to benefit your child. But that’s just the beginning of the reasons to join the PTSA. Get connected – Tap into a network – Find great resources – Watch yourself grow – Speak up – Be a role model. Source: Washington State PTA.

Why I became a PTSA member: Sarah’s story

We joined the PTSA as just one way of actively participating in our community. Sarah Steinke, Co-treasurer

Why I became a PTSA member: Odetta’s story

When we came to Pathfinder our family was in crisis. I could do nothing to add to the community. The next year we were stronger and more centered and the amazing people at Pathfinder were a large piece of that healing. I had plenty of time and lots of gratitude but an income that did …

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