PTSA Budget for ’22-23 – Draft for Review

We are in budget season! We have prepared a draft of our budget for next year and will be reviewing for approval at the monthly Board meeting on June 7th and the General Membership meeting on June 14th (both are on the calendar w/zoom links).

The last couple of years our expenses have been higher than our anticipated income. The proposed budget results in a $17k deficit, after $143,00 in expenses and $126,000 in expected profit through Fundraising. The current 2021-22 school year is also yielding a deficit, which results in the PTSA using reserve funds to cover the additional expenses.

The state PTSA guidance is to maintain 6-12 months of operating expenses in your reserves. We have been able to maintain this in the past, but as we continue to plan a budget with a deficit, our reserve funds will continue to deplete. Over the last two years our budget (expenses) have been planned at ~$146,000. Today we have ~$130,000 in reserves and it will drop by (~20-30k) after we complete this year’s expenses. We are looking at a loss each year, which reduces our reserves amount if we continue to plan and approve a budget that we cannot guaranteed funding for.

We have provided the draft of the budget for review and welcome feedback from our membership community. If we want to not have a deficit and maintain our needed reserves, we will need to consider reducing funding. The recommendation is to find a balanced budget that does not continue to deplete our reserves.

Please provide feedback to president or treasurer, or you can provide comments/feedback on this blog as well.

2022-2023 School Year Draft Budget

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