Big news – Real silverware in the cafeteria!

SilverwareBIG NEWS!

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Karen Hogan, Karen Kerr, Antoinette Palmer, our cafeteria and custodial staff, and David Dockendorf (who advocated for the Earth Project at the district level) the Pathfinder cafeteria will be making the shift from plastic sporkware to silverware.

Years ago when former garden teacher Amy did a garbage audit with our students, she found that there was a good deal of plastics from cafeteria meals. The Earth Project was going to try a trial of compostable sporkware but some enterprising parents asked “Can’t we try silverware?”

The answer today, folks, is YES WE CAN!

Thanks to those families who send their kids to school with reusable containers. The next step is to reduce the number of throwaway packaging in home lunches.

– by Tashsa Mosher, Earth Project