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Dessert Dash

What is the Desert Dash?  

The Dessert Dash is a fun way to end dinner with something yummy!!   Look outside the auction hall for a display of beautiful, mouth-watering & tantalizing desserts created and donated by our own wonderful chefs in the community.  Be adventurous, which dessert will you choose?


How does it work?

Each table will be placing bids and competing to get the first pick of your amazing creations!  At each table, there will be a dessert auction envelope—each guest is encouraged to add money (cash or via bid number) to the envelope. Your table also designates one person to act as a “runner”. The envelopes will be collected and the amount donated at each table will be counted. After dinner, the table numbers will be announced in order of the most money donated to the least, and your designated person ‘runs’ to get the best remaining dessert. The more money your table donates, the better your dessert choice!

Chefs needed!!!

Do you love to make yummy desserts? Are you looking for a way to help with the auction? We need your dessert making expertise. Please click here and sign-up to make a dessert for the Dessert Dash. Your delicious contribution will be greatly appreciated.

This year, we need a total of 22 desserts.  Each table will be placing bids and competing to get the first pick of your amazing creations! We need 5 gluten-free desserts and 17 non-gluten free.  Themed desserts are welcomed!

>> Sign up to bring a dessert <<

Desserts need to be delivered the day of the auction (typically mid-day) to The Hall At Fauntleroy.  They need to feed at least 10 people and if you want anything back (platter, serving ware, etc) please label them so they can be returned. 

Questions?  Contact Emily Emerson:

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