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Committees and Coordinators

These are the folks that help make things happen. They are a voice for all of us, work hard to build a community we are proud to be a part of and help raise money to make it all happen.


Community Building



  • Financial Review Committee Chair:
  • Nominating Committee:
  • Webmaster (Auction, Spirit Gear, Wreaths): Cecelia Lehman
  • Webmaster(PTSA website)/Technology Advisor: Sunny Balducci

*Denotes board position

Committees and Coordinators Roles and Responsibilities

Descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of Pathfinder K-8 PTSA’s various committees and coordinators. Auction Chair The Auction Chair(s) coordinate Pathfinder K-8’s annual auction, which is the main fundraiser for the PTSA. The annual auction, a Pathfinder tradition, usually occurs in the spring. Autism Liaison Represent the interests of the parents and staff in the …