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Board Roles and Responsibilities

Descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the elected board members of Pathfinder K-8 PTSA.


Develop annual calendar of meetings, special events and activities and oversee implementation. Set agenda and lead executive and general meetings. Obtain committee and principal reports prior to each PTSA meetings. Report on issues, as needed. Meet with principal to facilitate working relationship between school and PTSA. Represent PTSA with district as needed. If possible, serve as representative on Site Council / Building Leadership Team (BLT) meetings; otherwise, delegate a PTSA representative to the Site Council / BLT. Write regular newsletter columns. Share responsibilities with Vice President. Delegate responsibilities to others as needed.

Vice President

Share in responsibilities with President, as listed above. Represent PTSA in absence of President.


Take minutes for PTSA executive and general meetings, publish general meeting minutes. Circulate sign-in sheets at meetings and attach to the minutes. Respond to PTSA correspondence. Write PTSA correspondence (e.g., Thank you notes). Maintain / organize PTSA files.


Maintain budget, fiscal records and accounts. Prepare monthly Treasurer’s Reports. Write checks for reimbursements and invoices. Arrange for audits, as needed. Prepare taxes and correspond with IRS as needed. Maintain PTSA insurance policy. Lead PTSA budget committee and act as donation liaison.