Jan 30

Group Events (ADVENTURES) News!

Signups are underway! You are encouraged to choose your own adventure and register now (and again later). https://www.pathfinderk8ptsa.org/


BARRE 3 and BUBBLY: February 9 7-9pm. At the writing of this update there are only 4 spots remaining so sign up while you can! Thank you Ginny Woo.

PARENTS NIGHT OUT – KIDS IN THE SKY HALL: Friday March 16 – only 5 spots remaining.
SCHOLARSHIPS: Thank you Pathfinder community for funding 10 scholarship spots for kids. Stay tuned – if they all get used, we will open more. Thank you for your generosity! If you need a scholarship for your child to attend a kid event, contact groupevents@pathfinderk8.org

WHISKEY TASTING DATE CHANGE: The date is now Friday May 11 6-9pm. There are currently 9 spots available. Join us!

TONS MORE: Follow this link to check out more awesome adventures (if you DARE!)