Event Planning at Pathfinder

PTSA Communications

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Are you planning an event at Pathfinder?

This page provides instructions and links to help you get the get the word out to the Pathfinder community about upcoming PTSA meetings, events and fundraisers.

There are many ways families stay informed about what is happening at Pathfinder: the school website and calendar, the PTSA website and calendar, the Hot Sheet, Compass, emails from teachers, the principal and clan coordinators and the PTSA president, to name a few.

>>For a listing of the major information sources at Pathfinder K-8, follow this link.

So, what’s the best information source to use to get the word out? Often, you will want to put your message into several of these outlets, and the PTSA Communications Team (aka parent volunteers) can help you.

graphic of a megaphoneNeed help to get your message out?

To request help in getting the word out from the PTSA Communications Team, send a message to Gillian Maguire: nelson DOT cat AT live.com

We can assist getting your message onto the marquee reader board, and other outlets.


To reserve space on school grounds

If your meeting or event will happen at school, you must submit your information and needs to the school secretary, Danielle Otey, at least three weeks in advance of the date so she can reserve the building and notify our custodians. Danielle will also know if your prospective event conflicts with any other school activity. This is district policy so that they can provide proper custodial and other staffing. Danielle will submit your reservation to the district-wide “School Dude” system.

>>Follow this link to the SchoolDude reservation form. You can fill out the form on your screen, then email it or hand it to Danielle Otey in the school office.

Emailed Newsletters

The Hot Sheet and Compass are created in the office and are sent to all families via email – if your family needs to receive the Hot Sheet in hard copy instead of via email, contact the school office to request a hard copy to come home in your child’s backpack. The Hot Sheet goes out approximately every 2 weeks and has a calendar of upcoming events along with brief notices about important events, deadlines, etc.  The Compass is a longer format newsletter and is sent via email approximately every month. Here are the important dates and instructions for getting your message into these newsletters.

Hot Sheet submission and publish dates

What: Very brief descriptions – couple of sentences. No pictures.

Who: Submit to:

1. David Dockendorf, Principal: ddockendorf@seattleschools.org
2. Danielle Otey, Secretary: dtotey@seattleschools.org

When: Submission and publish dates for the Hot Sheet for 2016-2017:

Submit                             Publish

Sept 19                                 Sept 22

Oct 3                                     Oct 6

Oct 17                                    Oct 20

Oct 31 (boo!)                        Nov 3

Nov 14                                   Nov 17

Nov 28                                   Dec 1

Jan 9                                      Jan 12

Feb 6                                      Feb 9

Mar 6                                     Mar 9

Mar 20                                  Mar 23

Apr 3                                      Apr 6

Apr 17                                     Apr 20

May 1                                      May 4

May 15                                    May 18

June 12                                   June 15

Compass submission and publish dates

What: Newsy articles, pictures.

Who: Send your article to:

1. David Dockendorf, Principal: ddockendorf@seattleschools.org and
2. Danielle Otey, Secretary: dtotey@seattleschools.org

When: Submission and publish dates for Compass for 2016 – 2017.

Submit                         Publish

Sept 22                            Sept 30

Oct 20                             Oct 28

Dec 8                               Dec 15

Jan 20                             Jan 27

Mar 24                            Mar 31

Apr 21                             Apr 28

May 26                            June 2

Questions? Contact Gillian Maguire and the Communications Team