Direct Give

This year we have a tall order: we need to raise more than $100,000 to support our school. In order to start the year off strong, we aim to raise $25,000 by October 20 through our annual Direct Give.

What Does Pathfinder PTSA Fund?

Pathfinder PTSA funding touches every student – from the hands on experience of our garden to Field Day, storytelling at assemblies, and camping. This year, we will invest $84,000 in academic and classroom support, an increase of 27 percent, meaning more tutors and instructional aides in the classroom. Teachers and specialists will be given a stipend to spend on books, supplies, or special projects for their classrooms. And thanks to funding from last year, middle school athletes are sporting new uniforms and a new sound system will be installed in the cafeteria.

Pathfinder is a special place that recognizes each student as an individual with different strengths, needs and interests. The magic of our school begins with the administrators, teachers, aides and specialists who work with our kids every day. But it is also because of parents like you. Your volunteering and donations help create an environment where everyone can learn – and have fun doing so.

How You Can Help

Every dollar you donate today to the Direct Give will go directly to the school. All donations are tax deductible, and many may be eligible to be matched by your family’s workplace. It takes a village to raise a child: share broadly with people you know who might be able to help — grandparents, aunts and uncles, close friends and more.

  • Donate online at this Paypal link – You can choose a one-time donation or a recurring payment each month
  • Make checks out to Pathfinder PTSA with forms found in your child’s backpack or at the front office. You can drop your check in the PTSA mailbox in the office or mail to: Pathinder PTSA, 1901 SW Genesee St, Seattle, WA 98106.

Thank you so much for supporting Pathfinder!!

Did You Know?

  • $10 purchases calendula, mint and sorrel seed for the garden
  • $25 pays for a Wired for Reading tutor for one child for one week
  • $50 helps the library purchase six new graphic novels
  • $75 purchases new basketballs for the gym
  • $100 provides a scholarship for a student in the After School Program
  • $200 brings Roger Fernandes to Pathfinder each month to tell Native American stories
  • $400 allows your child’s teacher to purchase books and supplies that enrich the classroom