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Committees and Coordinators, Roles and Responsibilities

Auction Chair
The Auction Chair(s) coordinate Pathfinder K-8’s annual auction, which is the main fundraiser for the PTSA. The annual auction, a Pathfinder tradition, usually occurs in the spring.

Autism Liaison
Represent the interests of the parents and staff in the self-contained Autism programs.

Communication Chair – Gillian Maguire
Ensure all events and other PTSA related items are publicized via the website, hot sheet, web and wall calendars, social media, kid mail/flyers and reader board. Write Compass articles as needed. Work with other chairs/coordinators as needed.
Act as point person for the following volunteers responsible for communicating via:

  • Pathfinder Family Directory
  • PTSA Website/Facebook page
  • Compass
  • Front office (hot sheet, website, calendar)
  • PTSA bulletin board
  • Marquee reader board

Earth Project Chair
Represent the Earth project, communicating Earth project’s current endeavors, needs and goals to the board. Keep track of Earth Project specific grants that have been submitted into the general PTSA accounts. Ensure that the Garden Educator is budgeting hours for the summer months when the garden is most active.

Financial Review Committee Chair – Pat Hanulik

Fundraising Coordinator – Susan Elderkin
Develop fundraising calendar for all PTSA and School related efforts. Lead fundraising committee; report to PTSA board on activities. Lead efforts to find an auction chair.
Assist the fundraising leads as needed. Activities include:

  • Annual Direct Give
  • Wreaths for outdoor education
  • Annual Auction
  • Ongoing fundraising – grocery receipts, PCC scrip, e-scrip, Safeway, Target, etc.…
  • Spirit Gear Lead
  • Leading the Fundraising Committee (Earth Project, World Travel, Blazing Trails, plus additional interested members)
  • Coordinating fundraising tables at annual events such as the back to school BBQ, Parent Social, PTSA meetings, etc.

Legislative Coordinator – Cecelia Lehmann
Attend Seattle School Board Meetings, Community Meetings, and Alternative Education Meetings. Track PTSA related legislative issues and report to the board on a monthly basis; Work with other PTSAs as needed. Tracks info pertinent to our school community at large and shares info in an unbiased format.

Membership Chair – Suzi Zurek
Membership chair makes a push for families and staff to join the PTSA in the September/October months being visible and active at school functions such as the Back to School BBQ, PTSA meetings and Curriculum night. Membership chair continues to manage membership intake throughout the year inputting members in the State PTA database and collecting dues as necessary and passing on to the treasurer.

Middle School Liaison
Represent the interests of the parents and/or staff of the Middle School.

Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator actively collects names of family members who would like to volunteer at the school. Volunteer coordinator is present at Back to School BBQ, PTSA meetings and curriculum nights informing families of Pathfinder’s volunteer needs and encouraging families to be involved. Volunteer Coordinator also maintains a database of names of potential volunteers to help line up volunteers with those who need volunteers. Google docs. Volunteer database has been created that can be maintained and passed down to each Volunteer Coordinator. Maintains accuracy of volunteer contact information.

Staff Liaisons – Kathy Ablott
Represent the interests of staff at PTSA meetings; share PTSA information at staff meetings.