Nov 07

Would you like to host a group event?

GROUP EVENTS are unique and creative fundraisers that support school programs for our kids and are hosted by parents, teacher, and staff. The kid events are for Pathfinder kids, and the adult events are for Pathfinder parents and other adult guests. Examples from the kid events include Capture the Flag, Sleepover with David and Lisa (at school!), pizza and craft night with the Earth Hall teachers. Adult events have included Wine Tasting, Hacker Golf Tournament, Healing Balms and Salves, Happy Bites Italian Cooking Class and Dinner. Last year we had about 20 unique events hosted at restaurants, homes, stores, and parks. The sky is the limit.  

If you are looking for a fun way to volunteer and enjoy meeting people and having fun, this might be the opportunity for you. I can help think through the logistics and get it scheduled.